Planting Container (Potted) Trees

A Quick and Easy Picture Guide of a Recently Planted Sugar Maple Ok. So, there’s brief bit of reading. I know, everyone (myself included) likes a short article. I’ll do my best. I’m an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist with 47 years of experience as a practicing arborist. You can find/verify ISA Certified Arborists here: […]

Osprey Rescue

On August 20, 2016, Skywalker Tree Care received a call from a concerned citizen, David Taylor of Aloha Landscaping, regarding a juvenile osprey being stuck in the very top of a 110′ tall Douglas Fir. Upon first arrival, we thought the osprey must be tangled in fishing line, as it was hanging upside down and […]

Life Cycles

Greetings, Friends of Trees.  The picture accompanying this post is but a small glimpse of the cycle of life ongoing in a forest. Lichens and mosses adorn both the ancient fallen tree, and the base of a 90 year old Douglas fir adjacent to it. A dinner table for a common arboreal creature, the red […]

Bald Eagle Cam Camo

This bald eagle’s nest is located in a cottonwood tree on the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. Michael Richardson, Skywalker Tree Care, with staff and Friends of the Kootenai NWR, installed the camera last February. The eagles showed up but didn’t stay. Instead, a pair of Canadian geese used the nest to successfully hatch a batch […]

Windstorms of 2014 Part II

Brief Review: Northern Idaho counties had 2 strong windstorms last summer. Each had winds sustained or gusting to 70+ mph (some localized areas exceeded this by quite a bit). The first, July 23rd, came mostly from the South. About 10 days later, another hit the Sandpoint area with prevailing wind directions from the WNW. We […]

Windstorms in July & August 2014

Our area had two extreme wind events last summer. I’m posting pictures here of a small portion of the damaged trees and structures. Later, I’ll follow up with more detail of each job including pictures of individual tree failures, subsequent removal from structures and defects which led to many of the failures. Also, I’ll discuss […]