Life Cycles

Greetings, Friends of Trees.  The picture accompanying this post is but a small glimpse of the cycle of life ongoing in a forest. Lichens and mosses adorn both the ancient fallen tree, and the base of a 90 year old Douglas fir adjacent to it. A dinner table for a common arboreal creature, the red squirrel. Hidden from sight beneath the rich carpet of greens and browns is a remarkably complex, root laced organic layer.

It is here that the majority of the forest life forms exist; from salamanders, worms, gophers, snakes and shrews, to the tiny nematodes, fungi, bacteria and more. All are part of the symbiotic network of life from which our beloved trees derive their nutrients, water and support.

A cycle of life, death and renewal, in the forest. This, too, takes place in the ground beneath the trees in our ‘urban forests’, albeit in a less diverse manner. Understanding the processes which affect the health and longevity of your trees is the essence of our business.  Here at Skywalker Tree Care we strive to continually add to our understanding of the life systems surrounding the ‘urban forest’ so that we can offer best practices to our customers.

This post serves as an introduction to our new website. The cycle of renewal exists in the rapidly evolving world of technology, too. Enjoy, “like” our Facebook page if it strikes you to do so. Thanks…see you out there.

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